Medieval three musketeers theme wedding

Medieval three musketeers theme wedding I had a marvelous fun Bride and Groom I got to work with who wanted to do a Wedding based on the costumes from the Three Musketeers movie. This was back in the 90's so before digital photos, so please excuse the quality. We had a VHS tape, so you know how … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Consultation

    Wedding Dress Consultation to discuss  ideas for what to wear for your big day. Find out what styles and colours best suit you. Help figuring out what flatters and enhances your features to make you look and feel the best you can. I have worked with Brides from inception to the finished … [Read more...]

Custom Wedding Dresses

Custom wedding dresses for brides, bridesmaids and mothers.   Each wedding gown is custom made, one of a kind and  unique to you. Whether you have an idea in your head, a picture you have seen or drawn, or just a vision, as long as you can communicate it to me I can make it. We can work side by … [Read more...]

How to lace up a wedding dress

  How to lace up a wedding dress video. For 30 years this has to be the most asked about issue at a fitting for this style of dress. I have had offers of all sorts of trades to come on the wedding day and perform this service. The way I handle this task is to show the person who's going to … [Read more...]