How to lace up a wedding dress


How to lace up a wedding dress video.

For 30 years this has to be the most asked about issue at a fitting for this style of dress. I have had offers of all sorts of trades to come on the wedding day and perform this service. The way I handle this task is to show the person who’s going to be performing the job the first time while giving verbal and visual instructions. The next time I let them do it and help out. I often call for a final fitting time, once everything is done so there is no stress and give the person one more trial run. My advice is to take pictures with your cell after you are done and happy with it. This way on the actual day you have a reference to look at.

I also suggest leaving a half hour to do this job, just in case you forget the most important two steps, one of which is not mentioned in this video. First have the bride centre the dress at the front to her cleavage. If it has a V dip no worries and if not there is often some obvious beading or lace at that spot. That is the Bride’s only job.

Now the person lacing can start without worrying about having to try to adjust the dress after it’s all tightened up and fitted.

Then the second important step is to make sure you stretch out the laces after you pass through the top two loops and make them even. Forgetting this can lead to a total restart when you get half way down the dress and one is too short and the other too long!

I am hoping to do my own version of this video at a later date so it’s more personal with my own hints but for now enjoy, this lady has an English accent like mine.


How to lace up a wedding dress