Custom Wedding Dresses

Custom wedding dresses for brides, bridesmaids and mothers.

custom wedding dresses


Each wedding gown is custom made, one of a kind and  unique to you.

Whether you have an idea in your head, a picture you have seen or drawn, or just a vision, as long as you can communicate it to me I can make it. We can work side by side to create it with the design features you feel flatter you the most and work for the type of ceremony you are planning.

No matter what the style, wedding theme or location there are things to adjust and improve your experience of your special day.

Doing a consultation before hand allows me to guide you in what you need to consider before buying a dress off the rack as well.

Factors to consider are:-

Where the wedding will take place.

What location issues might there be to consider like terrain or climate

How many people are attending

Do you have any mobility issues that need to be considered

Is comfort high on your list

Are there health issues that might need to be looked at with the restrictive clothing involved

Do you need to be able to ski, bend, walk, hike, square dance or leap into a pool with this dress on.

The list goes on, and all this must be taken into consideration before the purchase or design is settled on.

If a custom wedding gown is what you are looking for fill out the contact form to book a consultation I can call you anywhere in North America.

Custom Wedding Gown